EruditePR case studies

magnifying glass Case Study A

An international investment company suffered the arrest of two of its executives by the Serious Fraud Office as part of a wider investigation into bribery and corruption. We dealt with the media issues arising from this and also used political contacts to mitigate reputational and business damage to the company.

magnifying glass Case Study B

A large foreign-owned development company was seeking planning permission for a major residential development in central London. We dealt with local opposition through a media campaign and secured planning permission for the project by political means.

magnifying glass Case Study C

A wealthy businessman was the victim of "identity theft" when a woman involved in a high-profile court case was claiming to be his daughter. We ensured that these claims were consistently denied in the media, despite their being mentioned in court. Alongside his legal team, we secured an eventual declaration in open court that there was no relationship between the two.

magnifying glass Case Study D

A major retailer was facing reputational issues over the closure of post office counters in a chain of smaller local shops it had acquired. We dealt with the media issues arising from this and, working with local politicians, MPs and business organisations secured the transfer of the counters to other local businesses.

magnifying glass Case Study E

We dealt with the media issues surrounding a major court case involving a businessman against one of the world's largest companies, which also involved a leading politician.

magnifying glass Case Study F

A major foreign company was embroiled in a court case and while not being directly involved was suffering collateral damage to its reputation. We protected that reputation through engagement with the media and also attended court to ensure we could react to allegations made against the company instantaneously.